Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I had a hard time getting outta bed today. I was so darn comfortable, and I knew that as soon as I got up, my day would be non stop till bedtime. But I finally sucked it up, rolled outta bed, and the first thing that came to mind was, "Soo.. rise and shine and give God the glory, glory." I almost laughed a little bit. Then I made my way to the bathroom and thought of "To God be the glory, to God be the glory, to God be the glory, for the things he hath done." And of course that had to be followed up with "To God be the glory great things he hath done, so loved He the world that He gave us His Son.."

That's how my mind works.. alllllways a song bouncing around in there. Sometimes it's distracting, but this morning, it's exactly what I needed! So I sat down at my desk, put on my snuggie, and went to read my daily dose of Spurgeon. I just couldn't get into it.. So I moved onto my daily reading about women in the Bible. Still, just wasn't feeling it.. So I prayed. And all I could think about were those songs I had stuck in my head.

I've been studying Ephesians with a friend lately and I remembered a verse I had memorized from Chapter 1. "To the praise of the glory of His grace, wherein He hath made us accepted in the beloved." That phrase, "to the praise of the GLORY of His grace," is repeated again a few verses later. All the amazing things God blesses us with and gives us when we don't deserve it are all for the praise of the glory of His grace. "So rise and shine and give God the glory, glory!"

That's why I'm here. To glorify God. It's fairly obvious that I fall short, but God is forgiving, and wants me to continue on and give Him glory.

I thought I'd look up some scriptures that had the word glory in them to keep with me today. So I turned my concordance, flipped over to G, found "glory" and.. there are soooooo many verses! I wish I had time to sit and read them all. I chose 3 from Ephesians.

Eph. 1:6 "To the praise of the GLORY of His grace, wherein he hath made us accepted in the beloved."

1:12 "That we should be to the praise of His GLORY, who first trusted in Christ.".

3:21 "Unto Him be GLORY in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end. Amen"

Whew! I'm fired up and ready to go now! "To God be the glory."

A few prayer requests :) I have a test at 11:30 today. I'm so thankful for all of my friends and family who keep up with my schooling and pray for me often. Thank you!
Also, I was supposed to be a volunteer leader for a Jr. High girls purity retreat this weekend, but it was postponed so more girls could have to the chance to register. Please be in prayer for everyone that will be there. We will get to talk about some difficult stuff and build friendships based on the Lord. Thank you already for your prayers. Have a beautiful Wednesday!

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