Sunday, May 23, 2010

Costly Faith?

Hello!!! Looooong time since I've been here. I have been spending time in the word, just haven't gotten the chance to share in a while. Brief Update: Finals went better than expected. I lived in the study lounge for an entire week, but I pulled it off. Still on scholarship, so I am pleased :) I've started summer school now, and I have my first test tomorrow!! Eek!!
My sister's wedding (on May 8th) went off without a hitch. She was a beautiful bride, and they enjoyed a lovely cruise for their honeymoon.

This morning I got to go with Dan to church, and the speaker preached out of Luke 14. He explained the cost of following Christ may seem steep. People face persecution, trials, and circumstances that just don't seem worth it sometimes. But in the end, does our faith really cost us anything? Did we have to pay the price to have this great salvation? No. What we are called to give up pales in comparison to what was given for us. The speaker also showed a very powerful video from a preacher in Dallas. Matt Chandler, the head pastor The Village in Dallas, TX, found out last year that he a had brain tumor. Before his surgery, he made this video for his church family. The video should be posted above. I'm gonna leave with you that and challenge you to examine the true cost of following Christ. I was completely humbled and encouraged by this man's faith. Enjoy and God bless. Loves.

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